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Professional Racing

Nothing succeeds like success! NGK Spark Plugs Canada has a history rich in the Canadian racing fraternity, as well as around the world... F1, IRL, NASCAR, CASCAR, IHRA, NHRA, ALSTAR, and WESCAR just to name a few. This past year NGK celebrated 150 Formula One victories, more than any other spark plug company, bar none.

With drivers reaching speeds up to 360 km/h and engines revving at 19,000 RPM, Formula One is the highest tier of FIA sanctioned, open wheel racing. One of our most significant achievements is that NGK provided the Ferrari Formula 1 team with the spark plugs to win several world championships.

On local race tracks from coast to coast, at the Indy 500, at the Monaco Grand Prix, and even at a 40-below snowmobile rally in Nunavut -- wherever people are racing machines and finding the need for speed -- NGK is there helping Canadian racers take their well-earned place in the winner's circle.